About us

Studio Rocchi Architettura is an international architectural and design practice founded in Milan by Riccardo Rocchi in 1983. The design process begins with analysing and understanding how to best use spaces, creating every time different atmospheres and environments for those who will have to inhabit them in the future.

Experimentation and interdisciplinarity’ characterize the structure making it a dynamic organism capable of adapting to projects of different kinds over a wide spectrum of intervention that covers both private residences and public spaces.
Space is like a white canvas where every detail, light, colour and emptiness is taken care of and serves one vision.

Love for three-dimensionality and perspective are the essential basics of Studio Rocchi Architettura and they are what have made possible the establishment of the practice more than 30 years ago. Innovation and the hunger to grow have married the founder Riccardo Rocchi’s vision and have created a cutting age practice.

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The research and study of materials with particular attention to their naturalness, their colours with all the different shades and infinite combinations, their different perceptions and forms under different lighting designs is what forms the approach of every projects. Exterior and interior architecture are the fields of application of our design.

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